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Acoustic Wall Panels - Economical Way To Soundproofing

04 Feb 2021

Whether you live in a sprawling suburban home or a high-rise apartment, soundproofing is essential for every dwelling because of the increasing noise pollution. Addressing the exterior noise coming from traffic, loud neighbors, and noisy kids playing outside is difficult to keep in check. Finding the cheapest way to soundproof a home is an uphill task. However, there are many economical ways in which you can easily soundproof a home without permanent renovation.

To soundproof a room, you must focus on the following three critical points:

1. The source of the sound: The first step to conceal the sound is to identify its source. Sound can generally be contained to one specific spot for instance television or noise coming from the outside traffic, etc.

2. The entry point of the sound: The entry point is that area from where the sound enters into your room. This may or may not be an exact point of source of the sound. For instance, it can be adjacent to the source or it can also be shared walls in apartments, duplexes, or condos. Another example is exterior windows that are also entry points for unwanted noise.

3. The reflection point: After the sound enters into your room, it will get reflected at the same angle of entry. Thus, you need to implement soundproof techniques to keep the noise at bay.

Acoustic panels can be of great help to you in reducing noise

Acoustic panels clean the area of unnecessary sound that makes it impossible to enjoy melodious music, concentrate on a guided meditation, or record a song. Acoustic panels are composed of foam or compressed mineral wool and are meant to absorb the sound waves to clarify speech, reduce general noise and limit reverberation in the walls within the enclosed areas.

Acoustic panels for soundproofing can block the noise from entering or exiting a room. Each panel is dense and heavy with long-lasting quality. Plus, they are ideal for a variety of spaces like

• Auditoriums: Auditoriums require proper soundproofing for improved and clear sound by reducing the background noise that is produced due to echoes. Soundproofing panels will work well for this. They can be used with proper Acoustic Lighting to enhance sound clarity.

• Studios: Studios need to have a proper soundproof system in place to prevent sound from leaking into the adjacent rooms, to reduce the echo, and improve the overall sound quality. You can use panels along with Acoustic Partitions to achieve this goal.

• Hotels: For the hospitality industry (particularly hotels) it is paramount to provide their guests with the best experience. Proper soundproofing thus becomes essential for this industry. Thanks to Acoustic Wall Panels that minimize the noise and provide a calm ambience to the guests in hotels.

• Library: A Library is a place that requires absolute silence and we all know why! Acoustic panels are well-suited for a library to make it soundproof and contain excess noise.

Thus, Acoustic panels are of immense help in creating a noise-proof ambience. We at Otium Living are thrilled to bring to you, acoustic solutions ranging from acoustic panels to ceilings with world-class technology. You can now create a noise-free space by choosing the best solution that suits your requirements.