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16 Jan 2021

We are all aware of the dampening effects of noise on our overall well-being. Of course, we were acclimatized by this concept during our school days! Not just our health but noise can also hamper our productivity in the office because only a sound mind can work efficiently and when there is so much clutter outside it is difficult for any worker to focus. Though the results might not be visible instantly, the detrimental effects of noise at the workplace are sure to affect the overall performance of employees in the long run.

In order to keep this problem in check there are special kind of lights that are quite in trend these days; ‘acoustic lights’ these are also termed as sound deadening lights because of their ability to absorb noise to a large extent.  


All of us know that whenever sound strikes any surface it is reflected, absorbed and transmitted. The concept of acoustic lights is quite fascinating as they modulate certain wavelengths of sound. Simultaneously they also reduce the ambient noise thereby reducing the headaches caused by reverberation. They thus serve the dual purpose of illuminating the setting as well as cutting down the noise.

Hence, despite constant murmuring in the office the whole day you will be able to focus on your work without getting disturbed!


It is no secret that office designs can make or break the overall ambience of the workplace. A mundane and dull workplace can de-motivate workers like anything. Obviously, who doesn’t want the lively and energetic ambience to start the day! The interior design of the office can enhance the core values of the organization if done properly. Plus, the ambience of the office can also meet the needs of the company as well as its employees.

It is thus a huge responsibility of the interior designers to come up with office settings that are not just appealing but can improve the productivity of the people working there because at the end of the day what matters is company’s turnover and employee growth.

Acoustic lights are designed both for the large as well as small spaces and to fit various ceiling heights as well just like Otium Living acoustic lighting that have revolutionized the world of acoustics. They are the first choice of interior designers in contemporary times to jazz up the surroundings.


It is important for all the organizations to consider acoustic lights as an investment and not just a decorative item for the workplace. To enhance the productivity it is important to eliminate all the possible hurdles that can reduce the efficiency of the employees and one of them is noise at the workplace.

To get your office space illuminated with acoustic lights, get in touch with Otium Living acoustic solutions your one-stop solution provider for all kinds of acoustic fittings.