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Five Things to Check While Choosing Acoustic Wall Panels

04 Feb 2021

We have seen how acoustic solutions have worked wonders in schools and offices. However, have you ever thought of them being used in restaurants? One of the biggest challenges of restaurants today is the ever-increasing noise level. Surfaces like tile floors, gypsum walls, windows, and metal ceilings reflect the sound into the room generating noise. To communicate, patrons speak at the top of their voices to become audible! This further adds to the noise level which ultimately disturbs the overall ambiance of the place. No matter how good the food is and how much you want to enjoy the evening with your friends, a noisy restaurant can spoil the mood. Hence, your overall experience becomes unpleasant.

How can Acoustic Wall Panels help you deal with the problem of a noisy restaurant?

Before delving deep into the functioning of acoustic panels let us know what exactly they are? An acoustic panel is a sound-absorbing panel that is used to mitigate the background noise. It reduces the reverberation and echo that is present in the space.

While selecting a wall panel it is essential to look for the following five things:

1. Thickness: Usually acoustic fiber-glass is used to create panels. The most widely used fabric in acoustic fiber-glass is woven polyester, which is transparent and easy to install. The most cost-effective thickness of acoustic fiber-glass is one inch.

2. Resistance: You can choose any panel based on the level of humidity resistance, fire resistance and reflectivity.

3. Aesthetics: Acoustic panels come in various graphics, designs and images to enhance the look of the room. You can get a customized panel or choose from the existing designs and sizes that are available. These can be strategically placed on the walls to transform the acoustics of the restaurant.

4. Surface Pattern: Acoustic panels come in various patterns. 3D panels have pyramid and wedged surfaces. You can choose any pattern that suits your requirements.

5. NRC Ratings: NRC is also called Noise Reduction Coefficient. It is a measure of a product’s effectiveness in absorbing sound. NRC ratings fall between 0 and 1, the higher number indicates greater sound absorption. While selecting an acoustic panel always look at the NRC rating and then choose the appropriate product.

Acoustic ceilings are your saviour from a noisy environment

Another acoustic treatment is Acoustic ceilings that are an easy fix. They are suspended from the ceilings that are made up of acoustic tiles and stick-built grid system. It is also known as a lay-in ceiling which is durable, versatile and cost-effective. Acoustic ceilings are extremely popular and have a wide variety of aesthetic options as well. They are extremely beneficial because they are light reflective and thus help in reducing the utility costs. Acoustic ceiling tiles can be installed in most of the rooms and they are easily cleaned. Also, they are impact-resistant, can be easily removed and replaced.

Thus, the secret to an ideal dine out area is not always the cooking or the furnishings, it is also the acoustics. If people can't have a conversation due to a noisy ambience, clattering dishes and the loud laughter at the next table, they will likely look for another place. So, make your restaurant noise-free by choosing acoustic treatment from Otium Living. Our range of products is manufactured with state-of-the-art technology. We offer various acoustic solutions that are applicable in a wide range of commercial and residential spaces.