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01 Feb 2021

‘Excess of anything is bad’; we have heard this saying quite a number of times in our lives. This holds true for sound as well. When it is produced more than required rather louder than the normal it becomes noise. And who loves to live in a noisy environment isn’t it? To restrain noise, one of the most popular sound absorption technique is through acoustic treatment. Latter includes different kinds of methods to reduce the excess sound produced in a room.

Here we will discuss the following types of acoustic treatment methods:

  1. ACOUSTIC PANELS: These are sound-absorbing panels that are meant to reduce noise, keep comb filtering in check and eliminate slap echo. Nowadays, Fabricacoustic panels are one of the most popular sound absorption materials for acoustic room treatment. They are designed to provide excellent sound absorption at the same time enhances the decoration of any room. Suppose you are looking for acoustic treatment for your noisy restaurant, you can consider using acoustic wall panels to deal with this issue and improve sound quality.

  2. Acoustic partitions: Acoustic partitions are portable, sound-absorbing walls that are usually made from fabrics like polyester or cotton. These are sound-absorbing materials that soak up noise thereby turning the sound waves into small amounts of heat energy instead of bouncing them back into the room. Hence, they reduce the overall impact of sound.

    •  In a hanging form orDirectly fixed on the ceiling.        
      3. Acoustic ceilings: An acoustic ceiling is also, a viable option when the wall area is insufficient. One can use them in two ways addition to reducing echo and improving the sound quality in a room, an acoustic ceiling also reduces noise that permeates from one floor to another.


    Affordable acoustic treatment for your restaurant:

     A restaurant is a place that witnesses a large footfall on a daily basis. A large number of people means more noise! Hence, one needs a product that can reduce unwanted reverb and at the same time enhance the decoration as well. So, which is the best way to achieve this goal? Well, through a PET-FELT acoustic panel that serves the dual purpose of sound absorption as well as decoration. Additionally, one can consider using acoustic ceiling treatment as well that allows designers to freely create a visually appealing space.

    To get world-class acoustic services, you can get in touch with Otium Living which is one of the premiere service providers of acoustic solutions from PET Felt.