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About Otium Living

Otium Living is a part of the Pfeda group which has been producing polyurethane mouldings in Noida, India since 1985. Our products include Steering wheels, arms rests, NVH foams, moulded foams & vacuum forming products. We are an OEM supplier to the Automotive & furniture industry.

Otium Living comprises of a range of comfort chairs, sofas, poufs, tables, pods & customized furniture. We have also entered the field of die cut & post formed Acoustic Panels. By directly moulding High resilience polyurethane foam ( also called In-situ process), we are able to create complicated shapes while ensuring high quality and comfort for every piece. We have set up at integrated facility in house, from design, steel manufacturing, PUR moulding, wood working equipment, powder coating, CNC machines for wood & PET FELT.
These products can be applied to office spaces, restaurants, homes & other commercial environments.

Otium Neri provides a wide range of sound absorbing solutions from PET-felt.
Wall panels
Acoustic Lighting
Acoustic Pods
Desk dividers

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A few of the brands we have collaborated with to create great furniture and spaces.